About Sydney & Cast + Forge Photography


It all started when...

I was a kid. I've been romping around the PNW with a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember. I loved photographing the special people in my life; our moments together, and milestones we shared. From that passion, I have built my dream into my livelihood! Running a small business while trying to navigate motherhood, marriage, and self-care has come with many triumphant and turbulent moments (sometimes within minutes of each other). Yet it has taught me about the moments that I cherish most, the same moments I want to capture for you.

I will tell you what I tell my clients: “there is just as much magic to be made in the seemingly mucky or mundane; maybe even more than in the shining, glittery, and obviously beautiful parts of life”. I invite my clients to be vulnerable and candid with me so we can create something authentic that is unique to them. 

I live for the magic. I live for the details. The in-between. The things others think are ‘nothing’, but are everything to you.  The things that are ever-fleeting. In five, ten, or twenty years, I hope you'll look back at your images and say to yourself: "This!! This is really, truly, us!" I want to take you to places in the Pacific Northwest that you’ve never been and I want to take your breath away when you see a moment that you didn't know I captured. I want you to have your children's laughter echoing in your ears and their personalities jumping out at you. I want you to be transported back to that priceless second every time you look through your gallery. 

It brings me absolute joy to help tell the story of who and where you are in this present time of your life.  For you, that could be finding your true love, building your dream business, making a pancake breakfast with your toothless kiddos, an important milestone, or your newborns teeny brand-new baby toes... 

Wherever you are on your journey, let me cast a light on it and forge it into something tangible that you can hold close to your heart forever.

After all, this is your legacy. Your images should make you feel something.